Do you have concerns regarding a child, adolescent, or young adult’s learning, behavior, communication skills, fine motor coordination, or social-emotional development?  The Center for Pediatric Assessment and Therapy (CPAT), in affiliation with BLaST Intermediate Unit #17, is pleased to offer comprehensive psychological, speech/language, and occupational therapy assessments as well as outpatient speech/language and occupational therapies for those individuals ranging from birth to 21 years of age.


Even if your child already receives speech/language and/or occupational therapies from your local Early Intervention provider or school district and you may be interested in obtaining additional therapeutic services for your son or daughter.


We strive to repeatedly perform our mission to serve our learners and fulfill our vision. Mission moments are precious opportunities and in order to maximize them we must:

Evangelize – demonstrate enthusiasm surrounding the importance of creating  a generation of “thinkers”.

Educate – To provide training and support to learners.

Empower – To allow our learners to independently apply what they have learned.


We envision 250,000 “Thinkers”. Thinking is foundational to the development of self and society. It is the cornerstone of all creative ideas and problem solving, new scientific discoveries, new products and services, individual and organizational learning, education, business success, interpersonal communications, social change, and democracy. Our Vision is audacious and involves the conversion of our region’s entire population into a community of thinkers!